About the YU-FLEC

Consortium overview

The YU-FLEC provides “one-on-one” collaboration with each participating company, led by research scientists that possess substantial experience in practical development for commercial products.

The participating companies of the YU-FLEC can utilize all of the collaborating results (data, prototype samples, etc.) for their own business activities with no restrictions. No disclosure of information to other participating companies of the YU-FLEC is demanded, enabling participating companies to develop unique and/or original technologies through collaboration with Yamagata University.

Main aim

Contribution to the business of collaborating companies through practical joint developments of flexible electronics, based on “Needs First” academia-industry collaboration

Project period

January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2023 (can be extended)

Main members

YU-FLEC Project Leader
Associate Professor
Dr. Toshinao Yuki


YU-FLEC Fellow
Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor
Hitoshi Nakada


YU-FLEC Secretary
Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor
Dr. Mitsuhiro Koden



  • Practical development with academia-industry collaboration led by professors and doctors that possess substantial experience in R&D and business for private companies in the field
  • Customer development by utilizing the external networks of YU-FLEC members
  • Large-size equipment that can fabricate large-size prototype devices such as those at 30 cm²
  • Contribution of the business competitiveness of participating companies in the field with a large market size of 4.8 trillion yen (2022)