Developmental results

Developmental results

「At the YU-FLEC, research scientists that possess substantial experience in practical development for commercial products conduct one-on-one collaboration with each participating company.
The participating companies of the YU-FLEC can utilize all of the collaborating results (data, prototype samples, etc.) for their own business activities with no special restrictions.

The developmental results of the Research Group for Flexible Technologies (Nakada/Furukawa/Yuki/Koden) are shown here.

Flexible OLEDs on stainless steel foil

Stainless steel foil has several excellent advantages in temperature tolerance, chemical stability, barrier properties, etc. Flexible OLED devices on stainless steel foil with a planarization layer are being developed. (In cooperation with NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION)

Flexible OLEDs on barrier films with high-temperature tolerance

Flexible OLED devices are being developed, using barrier films with high-temperature tolerance. (In cooperation with: KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD.)

Laminating encapsulation for flexible devices

Flexible organic electronics devices require flexible encapsulating technologies. A novel laminating encapsulating technology is being developed. (In cooperation with: Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Co., Inc.)

Solution materials for novel light-emitting devices

Light-emitting devices with novel solution materials are being evaluated and developed.

Equipment technologies for OLEDs

Novel equipment technologies for OLED fabrications are being developed.