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From dreams to business reality A base for the experimental studies of cutting-edge technologies in the field of organic electronics
Innovation Center for Organic Electronics


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About the Innovation Center

The center is actively working on the development of underlying technologies towards industrialization in six fields of OLEDs, organic transistors, organic solar cells, flexible technologies, inkjet and batteries, in addition to activities to link results to commercialization in collaboration with companies.

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Flexible Organic Electronics Practical Key Technology Consortium

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Flexible Electronics Consortium for Academia-Industry Cooperation

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Flexible Electronics Japan-Germany International Collaborative Practical Utilization Consortium

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Ink Jet Consortium

Regional Innovation Center Support Assistance Program ("Technology Transfer Base" Establishment Project) 

Regional Innovation Center Promoting Program (corporate demonstrations/evaluation facility development program) (Subsidy for Advanced Technology Demonstration and Evaluation Facility Development)

Industry-Academia Collaborative Innovation Support Program (Organic Thin Film Device Consortium) 

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Industry-Academia Collaborative Innovation Support Program (Batteries Consortium)

Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program for Regions Focused on the Reinforcement of International Competitiveness

Center of Innovation program

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Industry-academia joint promotion stage, high-risk challenge type, "Development of tandem devices/cathodes, sealing structures with a consistent application process using minute application-type inorganic oxide films"

 Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia (OPERA)

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Regional Science and Technology Demonstration Base Establishment Project

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Strategic Innovation Program for Energy Conservation Technologies

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Survey project for NEDO's Strategic Innovation Program for Energy Conservation Technologies

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To companies

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