About the YU-FLEC

Aim of the YU-FLEC

The aim of the YU-FLEC is to contribute to participating companies via academia-industry collaboration.

For this purpose, our members, who possess substantial experience in practical development for commercial products, construct one-on-one collaboration with each participating company.

The participating companies of the YU-FLEC can utilize all of their collaborating results (data, prototype samples, etc.) for their own business activities with no special restrictions. No disclosure of information to other participating companies of the YU-FLEC is demanded, enabling participating companies to develop unique and/or original technologies through collaboration with Yamagata University.


  • “Needs First” (Business First): Company needs take first priority.
    • Thorough attention to corporate needs
    • Practical technological development support
  • Merits in IPs
  • Self‐supporting accounting system: Unique model based on collaboration with industry
    • Based on partnerships with private corporations
    • Operation model not available with conventional universities


  • Support of a company’s R&D
  • Evaluation by actual devices
  • Proposal of solutions
  • Prototype samples
  • Joint research, commissioned research, and academic guidance


  • Flexible substrate
  • OLED devices and processes
  • Barrier technologies
  • Barrier evaluation and analysis
  • Printing and R2R, equipment technologies