Key available technologies / equipment

Key available technologies / equipment

The Research Group for Flexible Technologies (Nakada/Furukawa/Yuki/Koden), organizing the YU-FLEC, has various technologies and equipment for practical development in flexible electronics. At the YU-FLEC, these technologies and equipment are utilized for practical collaboration with the participating companies.

The technologies and equipment of the Research Group for Flexible Technologies (Nakada/Furukawa/Yuki/Koden) are shown here.

Fabrication of OLED devices

Various types of OLED devices can be fabricated with the maximum size of 30 cm2. The evaluations of fabricated OLED devices contribute to the checking of technology potential, extraction of problems, etc. The fabricated OLED devices are also utilized for demonstrations.

Evaluation of OLED materials and devices

The OLED devices are evaluated from a practical point of view. The evaluation results can be utilized for subsequent development, presentation for customer companies, etc.

Evaluation of water vapor barrier properties

The evaluation of water vapor barrier properties is necessarily required in flexible organic electronics. We have two types of evaluation methods: the “Ca corrosion method” and the “MA method.”


We have various equipment for the R&D of organic electronics.

  • Roll-to-roll (R2R)equipment
  • Device fabrication equipment
  • Sheet-type printing equipment
  • Evaluation equipment