Regulations, contracts, participation procedures

Regulations, contracts, participation procedures

Participation procedure

In order to participate in the YU-FLEC, entering a contract (joint research contract, academic guidance contract, etc.) with a teacher in charge as shown below will be required on the basis of YU-FLEC regulations. Please contact any of the teachers in charge via e-mail, phone, etc.

YU-FLEC Project Leader
Associate Professor
Dr. Toshinao Yuki

YU-FLEC Fellow
Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor
Hitoshi Nakada

YU-FLEC Secretary
Academic-Industrial Collaboration Professor
Dr. Mitsuhiro Koden

Research Group for Flexible Technologies (Nakada/Furukawa/Yuki/Koden)
Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL)
Yamagata University
1-808-48 Arcadia, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan 992-0119




Figure: Participation in consortium (participation application based on regulations and contracts with individual companies)