2018.2.15 Printable Electronics 2018 was held at Tokyo Big Sight.
2018.1.18 On Feb 13th, the 6th Germany-Japan workshop "Flexible, Printed, and Organic Electronics" will be held. Registration Agenda
2017.11.14 Science Activity in Yonezawa was held on Nov. 11th at INOEL.
2017.9.20 On September 20th, director of INOEL, prof. Takahashi will give a talk at German-Japanese Symposium "Regional Innovation and Cluster Collaborations."
2017.7.21 On July 21st, Waseda University-led consortium, "EDGE-NEXT Program" by MEXT
was published in Nikkei.
2017.7.20 On July 20th, a collaborative research on electric agricultural equipment with Yamabiko Corporation was published in Nikkei.
2017.6.28 Suzuki High-Tech Inc and Mizukami group have developed "Direct Plating Patterning".
2017.6.14 Yamagata University recieved the highest evaluation on The Performance Evaluation for Interim Goal of 2nd Stage announced by MEXT.
2017.6.14 Yamagata University recieved the first place for the growth rate on collaborative research funds in The Performance Evaluation for Interim Goal of 2nd Stage announced by MEXT.
2017.6.14 On June 11th, the completion ceremony for a hotel Slow Village in Iide was held.
2017.6.8 INOEL was accepted for the fund by Shonai Bank. "Science activity in Yonezawa, Let's experience some specialities of Yonezawa" will be held for elementary school students and junior high school students. Its program will be posted soon!
2017.5.22 On May 19th, an article about INOEL Director Tatsuhiro Takahashi was published in Yamagata News.
2017.5.14 On May 12th, an article about the new facility that will be buit next to INOEL was published in Nikkei.
2017.5.1 Associate Professor Furukawa gave a talk at Printed Device Technology Society.
2017.3.29 Associate Professor Furukawa gave a talk at LOPEC.
2017.2.16 INOEL recieved "Oliginality Award" at Printable Electronics 2017.
2017.1.31 Germany-Japan Joint Workshop will be held at Tokyo Internaional Forum.
2017.1.18 Japan-Korea OLED products show was held at INOEL.
2017.1.4 "OLED Displays and Lighting" written by Professor Koden was published.
2017.1.4 Professor Koden and associate professor Furukawa gave presentations at the 23rd International Display Workshops in Conjunction with Asia Dislay 2016.
2016.12.11 On December 11th, people from Akita prefecture surface finishing society visited INOEL.
2016.12.6 On December 2nd, Yamagata University OPERA project was introduced in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
2016.12.1 Associate Professor Furukawa gave a talk at IWFPE 2016 in Korea.
2016.10.3 On September 9th, Professor Sano gave a presentation at the 77th JSAP Autumn meeting .
2015.12.9 On December 9th, six people from the Uozu Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited INOEL.
2016.2.19 On February 17th, an article about the activities of Yamagata University Organic Thin Film Device Consortium was posted in Nikkei Technology Online.
2016.2.2 On January 29th, Mr. Peter Landers, Tokyo bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, visited INOEL.
2016.1.21 On January 25th, "The 4th Germany-Japan Joint Workshop" will be held.
2015.12.4 People from Shizuoka University visited INOEL.
2015.12.1 Accoding to the ranking done by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Yamagata University was ranked as the first place for growth rate of recieving the research expenses.
2015.11.2 On November 2nd, an article about "Smart Future House" was posted in Nikkei Technology Online.
2015.11.2 The achievements of research groups were displayed at Yonezawa Industrial Festival.
2015.10.22 On October 22nd, students from Yonezawa Kojokan High School and Takanabe High School in Miyazaki visited INOEL.
2015.10.19 On October 19th, a symposium for Frontier Center for Organic System Innovations (COI Program) and private viewing of "Smart Future House" were held.
2015.10.13 On October 9th, nineteen parents of students at Yamagata University visited INOEL.
2015.10.8 On October 7th, twenty one new members of Yonezawa municipal office visited INOEL.
2015.10.5 Winter Science Camp in Yonezawa 2015 from December 24th to 26th
2015.9.30 On September 29th, approximately thirty people from Sagae City Skill Promotion Association visited INOEL.
2015.9.30 On September 25th, five people from Optoelectronics Industry and Technology Development Association visited INOEL.
2015.9.28 September 18th, the Management Council was held at INOEL.
2015.7.30 On July 16th, nine students from Sakura Exchange Program in Science visited INOEL.
2015.7.23 Notice of Summer Holidays
2015.7.9 On July 9th, people from Kodaira City Assimbly visited INOEL.
2015.7.9 On July 9th, people from Fukushima Chamber of Commerce & Industry visited INOEL.
2015.5.13 On May 13th, first graders at Iwanumanishi Jumior High School visited INOEL.
2015.3.31 On March 27th, Yamagata University Organic Electronics Innovation Consortiun 2014 Symposium was held.
2015.3.26 On March 24th, three people at Fujitsu Japan visited INOEL.
2015.3.18On March 17th, Dr. Okamoto, a vice president, and people who are in Phonix Leader Education Program at HiroshimaUniversity visited INOEL.
2015.3.12On March 12th,two people from Bunkyo University visited INOEL.
2015.3.3On March 27th,Yamagata University Organic Electronics Innovation Consortium 2014 Symposium will be held.
2015.1.26On January 23rd, Mr Hosoya, the vice gavernor of Yamagata, visited INOEL.
2014.11.4On October 30th, Dr. Engin Basaran, a vice president at Istanbul Medeniyet University, visited INOEL.
2014.11.4 On October 22nd, Dr. Yasunobu Yanagisawa, the president at Ehime University visited INOEL.
2014.8.6 On August 1st, twelve students from partner universities and 15 students from Yamagata University visited INOEL.
2014.7.24 On July 22nd, ten people from National Central University in Taiwan visited INOEL.
2014.7.4On July 4th, approximately 40 people from the Yonezawa Shinkin Bank visited INOEL.
2014.7.2Tokito and Fukuda group successfully manufactured a fully-printed transistor circuitry on the world's largest (approx. 20cm x 20cm) and the thinnest (approx. 1μm (1/10 of plastic wrap)) film.
2014.7.4On June 30th, The students of the Five College Consortium visited INOEL.
2014.7.2On June 17th, Mr. Komiyama, the chairperson of the COI STREAM governing committee visited INOEL.
2014.6.9On May 28th, students from Yonezawa 7th JHS visited INOEL.
2014.7.2On May23rd, a memorial lecture from Purple Ribbon Medal winning Junji Kido and a celebratory gathering were held.
2014.6.13On May22nd, Administrative Vice Minister, Yamanaka from MEXT visited INOEL.
2014.6.13On April 15th, Yamagata University was ranked in the top 10 for highly cited papers in the field of materials science.
2012.4.28The homepage of the Innovation Center is new open.