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Outline of Research

Organic LEDs

Changing Electricity into Light
Commercialization of OLEDs has started in the display and lighting industry, and we are focusing on "high-emitting efficiency", "printing processes", and "flexibility" to popularize OLEDs. Under collaboration with Prof. Junji Kido’s lab in ROEL, we will make "high value-added", "inexpensive", and "eco-friendly" OLED innovations.

Organic Solar Cells

Converting Light into Electricity
Organic solar cells, which can be formed on plastic substrates with printing processes using organic compounds in active layers, are expected to be the solar cells of the next generation. They can react to relatively soft light such as a room light, and become transparent. By developing materials, structures and processes, we will develop solar cells with new values such as ultra light and thin, flexible, and semitransparent solar cells.

Organic Transistors

Controlling Electricity
Organic Transistors (OT, organic heterojunction devices) are expected to be the device of the next generation that can be manufactured with simple printing processes performable at low-temperatures. Under collaboration with the Tokito, Kumaki, and Fukuda lab in ROEL, we will work on achieving better performance and integration of OTs. Also, we will establish basic manufacturing technology for "flexible" organic electro-luminescence displays with plastic substrates and IC tags, and aim to make innovations toward next-generation electronics.


Storing Electricity
The Battery Research Group focuses on social implementation. We develop not only the four primary materials, but also secondary materials such as binders and conductive carbon. It is also our theme to develop new functional expressions. We analyze the market and our Strategy Planning team narrows down our development theme from the market point of view. Then we demonstrate it on a pilot scale, and develop a production process. We aim to develop safety technology and evaluation technology for various uses, and become a hub for developing materials.

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