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Creating next-generation of organic electronics products

飯塚 博

In August 2011, "The Organic Electronics R&D area in Yamagata” led by Yamagata University was selected as “Reinforcement Area of World Competitiveness”, which is supported by “Local Innovation Strategy”
We are devoting to the construction of an international innovation hub, supported from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Cultures, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan) and METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan), Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata Promotional Organization for Industrial Technology, and Yonezawa City. In “Office Arcadia”, which is a new industrial area in Yonezawa, the Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL) started active R&D in autumn 2013.
In four R&D areas that are Organic LEDs, Organic Solar Cells, Organic Transistors and Battery Materials, INOEL is developing key technologies for commercialization and is collaborating with companies for applying the R&D results to commercial products.In INOEL, by using organic materials with features of light weight and inexpensive, “Super Innovators”, who left private companies, are developing key technologies for production and commercialization, aiming at the creation of next-generation high-performance organic electronics products, which lead us comfortable future’s life.
We appreciate if you would understand our challenge which realizes new frontier of organic materials, and if you would participate to our Organic Electronics Innovation Program.

Hiroshi Iizuka

Functioning as a "Hub" and "Bridge for Technology"

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